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  • Introduction of LZK New Precision bearings  Final Processing Equipment

    Introduction of LZK New Precision bearings Final Processing Equipment

    1.Introduction of Super Refine Grinding(1)What is Super Refine Grinding? Super Refind Grinding is a finishing method,which is under good lubricating and cooling conditions,use a fine-grained abrasive(oil stone)to exert a small pressure on the workpiece,perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the workpiece,and perform a fast and short reciprocating oscillatory motion on the workpiece which is rotating at a certain speed.(2)The role of Super Refine Grinding In the manufacturing process of rolling bearings,superfinishing is the last process of bearing ring processing.It can reduce or eliminate the circular deviation left by grinding,correct the shape error of the groove;refine its surface roughness,improve the surface physical and mechanical performance.It plays an important role in effectively reducing the waviness of the groove,reducing the vibration and noise of the bearing,improving the lifecycle of the bearing.2.LZK Super Refining Machine Recently,LZK newly purchased four sets of Super Refining Machine for the final processing of large and extra-large precision bearings.The processing size range coversφ200-φ1800,which can be used for the processing of bearing grooves,rollers,ribs,etc.Among bearing enterprises of the same scale and type,the configuration of LZK’s equipment reaches to the top level.(1)CNC bearing Groove Super Refining Machine Processing type:Processing inner and outer grooves of Deep groove ball bearings,Angular contact ball bearings,Four-point contact ball bearings Processing range:Outer diameter:φ200-600mm,Workpiece width 15-200mm,Groove curvature R≤100mm,maximum Workpiece weight 500kg Processing accuracy:Roughness Ra≤0.05um(2)CNC bearing Groove Super Refining Machine Processing type:Processing inner and outer grooves of Deep groove ball bearings,Angular contact ball bearings,Four-point contact ball bearings Processing range:Ring outer diameter:600-1200mm,Workpiece width 50-250mm,Groove curvature R≤100mm,maximum Workpiece weight 500kg Processing accuracy:Roughness Ra≤0.05um(3)CNC Bearing Raceway Super Refining Machine Processing type:Processing inner and outer raceways of Cylindrical roller bearings and Tapered roller bearings Processing range:Ring outer diameter:φ260~φ600mm,Workpiece inner diameter 220-540mm,Workpiece height 25-200mm,maximum Workpiece weight 500kg Processing accuracy:Roughness Ra≤0.05um(4)CNC Multi-function Bearing Super refining machine Processing type:Processing the inner and outer ring raceways and inner ring ribs of Tapered roller bearings,the inner and outer ring raceways and ribs of Cylindrical rollers bearings,the grooves of inner and outer rings of ball bearings,the inner ring receways of Spherical roller bearings Processing range:Outer diameterφ600~φ1600mm,Workpiece width 30~500mm,maximum angle 40°of Tapered roller bearing,maximum Workpiece weight 2000Kg Processing accuracy:roughness Ra≤0.10um

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  • Warmly celebrating the 17th anniversary of the establishment of LZK

    Warmly celebrating the 17th anniversary of the establishment of LZK

    Time flies like an arrow, LZK has been established for 17 years. Over the past 17 years, we have weathered many storms、 strived for excellence and resulting in abundant achievements."Remembering the past, the years were filled with ups and downs." The experiences of the past 17 years have fostered the corporate spirit of "Unity, Pragmatism, Efficiency, and Innovation" among LZK's employees. Over the past 17 years, we have been filled with passion and have borne countless stories and emotions. Looking back on these years, the employees of LZK have been filled with passion, using deep emotions and sweat to write our vibrant youth and pouring our persistence and efforts into ordinary positions. Over the past 17 years, we have witnessed the vigorous growth of LZK through the seasons. During these 17 years, we have achieved remarkable results in the high-precision and high-reliability bearing field for Major Equipment Gearboxes, becoming a key supplier to internationally renowned Gearbox manufacturers. We have also made significant breakthroughs in the high-precision and high-reliability bearing field for Medical Equipment, becoming a stable supplier to top international Medical Equipment companies. In the field of Robotics, we have provided stable mass supply to many internationally renowned companies for years. In the Military industry, our high-precision and high-stability bearings, especially for Radar applications, have been widely recognized by our customers.  In recent years, in response to the ever-changing market economy, LZK has actively sought self-breakthroughs, firmly developed its confidence, focused its efforts on exploring new markets. LZK invested nearly tens of millions of RMB in upgrading and expanding production equipment and testing instruments to further expand production capacity, solve bottleneck problems in production and processing, and better improve product quality. In the past three years, LZK has purchased several sets of CNC Reciprocating Double-End Surface Grinders, 1.6-meter Gantry Drilling and Milling Machining Center, 1.6-meter Vertical Lathes, 1.4-meter Vertical Grinders, 1.6-meter Vertical Grinders, CNC Bearing Groove Super-Precision Machines, CNC bearing Raceway Super-Precision Machines, and CNC Multi-function Bearing Super-Precision Machine.  CNC Reciprocating Double-End Surface Grinders1.6-meter Gantry Drilling and Milling Machining Center Vertical Grinders CNC Bearing Groove Super-Precision Machines,CNC bearing Raceway Super-Precision Machines With the normal operation of these equipments, production capacity and efficiency will be greatly improved. Higher customer demands for precision and performance can also be better met.In the face of a new historical period with both opportunities and challenges, we will adhere to the enterprise concept of "Demonstrating technological strength and Creating high-quality bearings", continue to carry forward the diligent, rigorous, truthful, and innovative work style, forge ahead as always, and continuously write new chapters for LZK!

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  • New added Vertical Grinding Machine in LZK

    Recently, with the last Vertical Grinding Machine stationed in the production workshop, the new equipment for the technological transformation of LZK in 2021 has all been in place.In order to respond to the ever-changing market demand, further expand production capacity, solve the bottleneck problem in the process of production and inspection,  improve product quality, LZK invested nearly 10 million Yuan in 2021 to upgrade and expand  production equipment, testing instruments and assembly area. Newly purchase equipment includes Double-end Grinding Machine, Bearing Cylindrical Grinding Processing Equipment, Gantry Drilling and Milling Machining Center, Bearing Ring Superfinishing Machines, Vertical Grinding Machine, etc. Currently, all of these equipment have already been in place, and most of them have been put into production. LZK can realize monthly output of bearings  20,000 sets, and the processing range is 20mm-3000mm in inner diameter.The processing range of this Vertical Grinding Machine is 280mm-1000mm in inner diameter and 1400mm in outer diameter. It can be used for grinding for inner and outer diameters, inner and outer raceways, end faces and ribs of Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings; for the inner and outer diameters, inner and outer raceways, and end faces of Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings; for the raceway of the Flat Thrust Ball Bearing and Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings. The processing accuracy of the product can reach to P2 level.  At present, this Grinding Machine  is undergoing the final debugging work. With the use of Grinding Machine, it will greatly improve the production capacity and efficiency, and better meet the higher requirements of customers for product accuracy. In the future, LZK will also respond to market changes actively and  customer needs quickly, continue to upgrade and transform equipment, to achieve win-win results with customers, and also make its own contribution to the development of the bearing industry.

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  • LZK was approved as "Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovation“ Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

      Congratulations!LZK was approved as the first batch of municipal-level"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2022.  Recently,Luoyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in Henan Province announced the list of the first batch of"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Luoyang in 2022.China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)was recognized as a municipal"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2022.  Affected by the complex and volatile international environment and repeated epidemics,the global economic downturn,weak consumption,and continued price hikes of bulk commodities have caused many companies around the world to face great uncertainty due to the supply chain crisis.China is no exception.However,there are still some enterprises,although they are small in scale,they focus on the main business,keep improving,strengthen innovation,then achieve apparent growth against the shrinking orders and hindered development environment.They are"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.In this time of full of changes,they have shown their surging vitality and are entering the"fast lane"of development.  China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)was founded in January 2006.The company's main business is design,research and development,manufacturing of high-precision,high-speed,high-performance and special industries(Medical equipment,Robots,Chips,Textile machinery,etc.)applied bearings.Large,Precision,Thin-walled bearings are LZK's advantage and main product direction.The main products are related to Industrial Robots and Intelligent Bearings,Medical Equipment Bearings,Gearbox Bearings for Major Equipment,Special bearings for Precision Machine Tools and Radar Measurement and Control systems,and remanufacturing of Special Bearings.80%of the products are matched to European hosts.LZK focuses on market segments,masters core technologies,strengthens technological innovation,improves quality and efficiency,and conducts research and business in-depth on industry pain points,thereby becoming a member of"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.  Scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force to lead the high-quality development of enterprises.Luoyang government always takes innovation-driven development strategy as the core of economic and social development,supports in policies,gives strong support in terms of funds and talents,and encourages and guides Small and Medium Enterprises to optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure according to"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“,help stable development of China's economy.

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  • LZK Helps Customer Win the German Red Dot Award

      Recently,a Mobile Robot(AGV/AMR)independently developed by one customer of LZK won the 2022 German Red Dot Award for its innovative product design and excellent product performance.In this Mobile Robot,the high-precision slewing bearing,the key rotating parts of the Mobile Robot,is provided by LZK.  The Red Dot Award is known as the"Oscar in the design world"and is one of the world's most famous industrial design awards.Together with the German"iF Award"and the American"IDEA Award",they are known as the world's three major design awards.  In 2021,LZK began to cooperate with this customer.Before that,LZK has cooperated with many well-known AGV/AMR companies in the Mobile Robots industry,and has obtained solid technology and application experience.Therefore,when the two parties began the developing process of slewing bearing,based on its own strong technical strength and processing ability,LZK gave many pertinent suggestions to this customer,making the whole development process more effective.  The slewing bearing used in this Mobile Robot has now entered the stage of mass production.LZK will continue to control quality strictly and deliver on time,helping more customers to achieve greater breakthroughs in the field of Mobile Robots.

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  • Leaders of Henan Science and Technology Agency visited LZK  for inspection

    Leaders of Henan Science and Technology Agency visited LZK for inspection

      Leaders of Henan Science and Technology Agency visited LZK for inspection  On the morning of February 18,Tao Manxi,director of the Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology Division of the Science and Technology Agency,Liu Yanbin,an investigator,and Wei Yongjun,the deputy director,came to LZK for the research work,accompanied by Duan Xueguang,chief engineer of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,Yan Shaofei,vice chairman of the Luolong District Political Consultative Conference,and Sunzhou,director of Luolong District Science and Technology Bureau,Sun Yaping,deputy director of the Luolong Industrial Cluster Management Committee of Luoyang.Xu Xiaobo,Deputy General Manager of LZK,and Zuo Penghui,Quality director,were in charge of reception and accompanied the investigation.  Quality director Zuo Penghui reported the current production and operation of the company to the members of the research team in the conference room,especially the remarkable achievements made by the products in the field of intelligent technology,radar,medical equipment,and precision machinery.He made a detail introduction to the high precision thin-walled bearings and intelligent robot bearings on the the scientific and technological innovation,technological optimization and technological transformation of intelligent production expansion.  Afterwards,the research team came to the production line,testing center,and assembly workshop to learn about the processing technology,production equipment,testing methods,product characteristics and application directions.The research team made a affirmation to LZK on the direction of development of high-tech and intelligent industries.And hope that LZK will continue to give full play to its advantages,do a good job in product and technical leadership,and contribute to the development of Luoyang bearing industry.

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  • Warmly celebrate China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 16th anniversary

    Warmly celebrate China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.16th anniversaryFORGE AHEAD FOR 16 YEARSSTART A NEW JOURNEY THROUGH ACCUMULATIONAt the beginning of the new year,everything is renewed,and the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is getting closer and closer.In this great festival,China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)also celebrated its 16th birthday.01 AT THE BEGINNINGOn January 19,2006,China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)was born in Luoyang,the ancient capital known as"China's Bearing Industry Base".Its predecessor was China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd,which was the holding subsidiary of China Machinery Tenth Institute International Engineering Co.,Ltd.(formerly the Tenth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry).In September 2010,Liaoning Hanking Group invested in the acquisition of China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd and made China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd to its another holding subsidiary.After renovation,China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd was renamed as China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.and is still in use today.In 2006,the company was identified as“(national)high-tech enterprises“and the qualification remains to now.Moreover,the company is recognized by Luoyang city government as the“Luoyang Bearing Engineering Research Center”,“Luoyang Bearing industry development platform and Bearing test center”,vice chairman unit of Luoyang Bearing industry technology innovation strategic alliance,vice-chairman unit of Luoyang Robitcs and intelligent equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance and Luoyang bearing industry Association.LZK integrates R&D,manufacturing,and sales of bearing products.With strong scientific and technological strength,advanced technology and equipment,and perfect testing methods,the company can research and develop various bearing products with high precision,high speed,high reliability and special industry applications to meet customer needs of low friction,low noise and low failure.The company currently has more than 100 authorized patents,including dozens of invention patents.02 PROSPEROUS DEVELOPMENTLZK's products are mainly used in industrial robots and intelligent equipments,medical equipments,precision machine tools,radar measurements and control,industrial gearboxes,CT machines and other industries and fields.Large,precision,thin-walled bearings are the company's leading products,and providing customers with a full range of solutions is our service feature.Over the past 16 years,LZK has always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and has achieved a good reputation in the industry.Through word of mouth,many top customers came here to seek cooperation with LZK.Year 2021 is a milestone year for the company.The company has achieved a gratifying result of doubling its sales revenue compared with the previous year,and many markets have fully blossomed,especially in the robotics and intelligent equipment industries,which are closely cooperated with many well-known robotics companies in the industry.In addition,it has also made remarkable achievements in industrial gearboxes,medical equipment,construction machinery,radar measurement and control,etc.While the company is developing steadily,the company's leaders also pay special attention to the company's cultural construction,holding annual meetings,commending outstanding employees of the year,and holding team building activities from time to time(with footprints all over the country and abroad)."Make every employee work and live with more dignity"is a phrase that the company's president Mr.Wang often talks about.It is precisely because the company's leaders care for the employees in every possible way that the employees are highly motivated and responsible for their work,which also enables the company to continue to develop steadily and continuously.03 DEVELOP AND GROWAs the cooperation are mainly with top companies,to meet the needs of our customers for excellence in all aspects,and to solve the bottleneck problem in the process of production,processing and inspection,LZK invested nearly 10 million yuan in 2021 in upgrading and expansion.The assembly room and workshop were rebuilt.A lot of equipment are newly purchased,such as the double-end grinding machine,bearing cylindrical equipment,gantry drilling and milling center,receways superfinishing machine,vertical grinding machine.Also the transformation of some old equipment was completed.Dozens(sets)of various testing instruments have been newly purchased.At present,LZK's production capacity can achieve a monthly output of 20,000 sets of various types of bearings,and the processing range is from 20mm to 3000mm in inner diameter.04 LOOK IN TO THE FUTURE2006.1.19~2022.1.19Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future,in 2022,LZK will not forget its original intention and forge ahead.In order to meet the various requirements of customers,the company will continue to invest heavily in expansion and transformation,and keep up with the pace of the market,continue to develop,design,and manufacture high-end products to meet the increasingly diverse market needs and make its due contribution to the rapid development of China.In 2022,wish LZK to achieve great achievements again!January 19,2022

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  • Another large-scale CNC gantry drilling and milling center is in place

    Another large-scale CNC gantry drilling and milling center is in place

    Another large-scale CNC gantry drilling and milling center is in placeRecently,another large-scale CNC machine tool has passed the preliminary acceptance and arrived at LZK smoothly,and will start installation and debugging in the near future.This CNC machine tool is a gantry drilling and milling center.The processing range is the outer diameter withinφ1200mm,the drilling holeφ5~14mm with depth within 120mm.With this CNC machine in place,the company's bottleneck problem in drilling has been solved.In the next month,some more new and modified equipments will arrive at the company one after another,all of which are part of the company's technological transformation plan in the second half of 2021.In 2022,the company will continue to invest heavily to purchase new equipment,transform old equipment,and continue to expand production capacity.

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  • New Added equipment in LZK

    LZK added two CNC bearing ring superfinishing machines and a CNC gantry drilling and milling machining centerAt the beginning of the new year,everything can be expected!Good news!Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise,and efficiency is the productivity of an enterprise.In order to efficiently respond to the ever-changing market demand,continue to help the development of"Smart"manufacturing in science and technology,further expand production scale and improve product quality,recently LZK has added two CNC bearing ring superfinishing machines and a CNC gantry drill and Milling center.The processing range of the CNC bearing ring superfinishing machine is from 200mm to 1200mm in outer diameter.The superfinishing method adopts the automatic conversion of two fixed oilstones,coarse and fine.In the process of single oilstone super-finishing,by changing the parameters such as workpiece speed,oilstone oscillation frequency,oilstone pressure, achieve rough and fine machining of the surface.It can meet the high-precision surface processing requirement of various ball bearing raceways such as deep groove ball bearings,angular contact ball bearings,thrust angular contact ball bearings,four-point contact ball bearings,thrust ball bearings,etc.For CNC gantry drilling and milling machining center,the maximum diameter of the bearing ring is 1600mm.It can be used for efficient drilling of bearing outer ring and inner ring workpieces,and can drill through holes and blind holes in single-material parts and composite materials.Self-centering work table is equipped with a four-jaw hydraulic self-centering chuck.The workpiece is automatically centered at one time,without patrolling finding the center for each workpiece.The clamping is fast and convenient,and the processing efficiency is high.The machining process is digitally controlled,easy to operate,and can realize automation,high precision,multi-variety,and mass production."I have diamonds,I dare to do porcelain work",LZK will continue to focus on the research and development and manufacture of high-precision and high-reliability bearings,continue to provide customers with the best solutions,and build solid foundations of the enterprise brand with reputation,strength and responsibility,work together with customers to achieve a win-win situation!

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  • The Celebration of The Seventh Anniversary of The Establishment of LZK

    The Celebration of The Seventh Anniversary of The Establishment of LZK

      LZK convened annual meeting and celebration of seventh anniversary of the establishment of the company in 2013 at Luoyang Grand Hotel 19/01/2013.    The Vice-general Manager Mr Gu gave a report about the company's operation in 2012. He also designed a blueprint about our future which caused everyone's excitement.        Advanced employee representatives Liu Xiangfeng published work on behalf of all employees feelings.      In addition, the staff also conducted dance, comedy performances, got the applause of the participants.  Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in the machine cum Founded in 2013 the seventh anniversary celebration a success.

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  • LZK Held a Management Conference

      LZK held a management conference 31/12/2012.Each of the management employees gave a speech at the meeting.They summarized their success during the last year and looked for the shortage at work as well.They also made their plan for working in 2013.Everyone expressed his/her ambition to make more contribution to LZK.Their reports were exact and real which showed us the vitality of LZK in the coming year.  Our general manager Mr Wang made a conclusion for the meeting and arranged the work in 2013.Mr Wang said that this was a conference contributing to the grow-up of our company and it would help to enhance our staffs'ability which should also be held in the following year.It is the mileage stage for us and whether we would reach a higher height is determined during 2013.He hoped everybody achieve better results.

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  • LZK Supports The Construction of The First bearings Factory in Africa

    LZK Supports The Construction of The First bearings Factory in Africa

      The degree of industrialization of Africa is low.LZK accepted customs from Africa in December and gave them a short-term training to promote the construction of the first bearing factory in Africa.  The training includes the selection of process equipment,process of layout,basic theoretical knowledges of bearing and professional skills.The training result is perfect.In addition,LZK will send a couple of staff to the factory in Africa to offer help for half a year in 2013.

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