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LZK Helps Customer Win the German Red Dot Award

Time:2022-03-21 Click:50

  Recently,a Mobile Robot(AGV/AMR)independently developed by one customer of LZK won the 2022 German Red Dot Award for its innovative product design and excellent product performance.In this Mobile Robot,the high-precision slewing bearing,the key rotating parts of the Mobile Robot,is provided by LZK.

  The Red Dot Award is known as the"Oscar in the design world"and is one of the world's most famous industrial design awards.Together with the German"iF Award"and the American"IDEA Award",they are known as the world's three major design awards.

  In 2021,LZK began to cooperate with this customer.Before that,LZK has cooperated with many well-known AGV/AMR companies in the Mobile Robots industry,and has obtained solid technology and application experience.Therefore,when the two parties began the developing process of slewing bearing,based on its own strong technical strength and processing ability,LZK gave many pertinent suggestions to this customer,making the whole development process more effective.

  The slewing bearing used in this Mobile Robot has now entered the stage of mass production.LZK will continue to control quality strictly and deliver on time,helping more customers to achieve greater breakthroughs in the field of Mobile Robots.