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  • YRT650 developed in LZK

      With the development of modern machine tool industry,a turntable with the YRT three rows of high precision cylindrical roller bearings in the market demand is growing.This process is difficult bearing high technological content,for the exclusive monopoly of some foreign companies.Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co., the machine(LZK)in this regard a number of technology research,has developed a YRT120,YRT150,YRT325 so,has successfully developed YRT650 bearings,bearing various technical indicators have reached the foreign company INA request,once again demonstrated the strong technical strength LZK.No content

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  • bearings in machine production and management technology services technology innovation new heights

      2013 economic growth at home and abroad downstream environment,the machine Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co.,play to their strengths,proactive,hard work,innovation in science and technology,production management and other aspects bucked the trend and continue to maintain a good momentum of development.  In 2013,the company continued to intensify scientific and technological innovation,the robot bearings,development and manufacture of medical devices bearing,lightweight precision bearings,bearing remanufacturing and other products,has made a series of proprietary technology and intellectual property,complete three scientific and technological innovation projects,new access to 10 national patents(including the national invention patents 4).  Over the past year,the company actively develop special bearings market,make great efforts to improve product quality,reduce product manufacturing costs.LZK boutique bearing the high cost and good service,has won recognition and respect.The company's main production and operation targets to achieve a 30%growth in per capita taxes in particular,indicators of industry-leading level,a new high.  Companies continue to play the advantages of technology research and development,provide technical services and technical support for domestic and foreign enterprises bearing all cooperation projects have achieved good results,to achieve a win-win cooperation.  Currently,the company has held annual meeting,summarizing work,has issued a 2014 work plan and objectives and tasks.The machine bearings has R&D,manufacturing,the next peak climbing services.  Consulting service  Bearing design and application consulting and services:the technical achievements of our knowledge and experience in bearing design and application of new materials,new technology has made offers from bearings used in the selection,design until the bearing is installed as a user and bearing bearing factories,application,maintenance,repair and remanufacturing solutions to optimize the whole process.  bearing technology consulting and design services:optimizing process equipment bearing factory configured to a reasonable allocation of process equipment,process layout sciences,fast-paced production;provide advanced technology and processing methods,and scientific quality control plan for the bearing manufacturer.Whether it is building a new plant bearing,or the technological transformation of the old factory,can provide a comprehensive set of technical solutions.  efficient and practical training in bearing technology:product design training;bearing applications knowledge training;skills training;process design training;tested technical training.

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  • The machine bearings the company successfully developed the first set of hard rock boring machine spindle bearings

      Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., the machine for a well-known listed companies developed the first set of TBMs spindle bearings recently passed the testing and acceptance of customers,the completion of all of the installed capacity of the test,the technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level to meet customer requirements.  TBM has long been monopolized by foreign companies,a well-known domestic listed companies to realize the localization of TBM,inviting me to participate in their company TBM projects.To this end,the company specialized R&D team for technology research organization in product design,manufacturing,testing,etc.,successfully developed the key components of the TBM-the spindle bearings.With the accumulation of long-term technology development and practical experience in machine bearings company has mastered the manufacturing technology TBM spindle bearings,to break the monopoly of foreign companies to realize the localization TBMs have contributed.

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  • The machine bearings the company successfully developed the largest friction welding machine bearings

      Recently,the machine Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., a domestic military enterprises successfully developed the largest friction welding machine bearings.This high-precision thin-walled cross bearings cylindrical roller bearings,diameter 4752mm,the inner diameter of 4200mm,P5-level precision,is the largest friction welding machine bearings.In order to meet the technical requirements of users,project teams in product development,manufacturing,testing and other aspects of strict control,so that all the indicators reached P5,which is much higher than other indicators hop path P5 level.Bearing in machine manufacturing company has fully mastered the bearing friction welding technology.

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  • Luoyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, High-tech Zone in Luoyang Technology Department investigated machine bearings

      November 14,Luoyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,deputy director Cai,Luoyang High-Tech Development Zone,Ma Director of Science and Technology Department of the machine line bearing company bearing reducer welding robot research project were studied.Sandra夏介绍general manager,said welding robot is one of the most widely used industrial robots,the gear bearing is one of its key components.As the welding robot with stable performance,large work space,movement speed,precision and strong action load capacity and other characteristics,and therefore requires its compact gear bearing structure,small size,light weight,smooth,high-precision rotation,friction from the small,large carrying capacity.As most of the world's robots bearing INA,SKF,NSK provided by several internationally renowned bearing the company's current domestic robot industry supporting bearing most of the imports come from.Some domestic enterprises have also started to invest in the development of bearing these bearings,but poor quality product stability,some of the projects exceeded the low pass rate,can not form the bulk and industrial scale,so the need for a robot bearing design theory,processing methods and quality control studies to improve the quality of products as soon as possible,the accuracy and the pass rate,the level of developed countries to catch up with technology.Cai,deputy director of the main parameters after I developed robot series bearings,production and testing processes to understand that the robot bearing a national industrial policy to encourage the development of the product,hoping the company through the development of welding robot gear bearing early realization in the domestic market,the bulk of the substitution of imported products in the international market at a good price products to compete.Meanwhile,Tsai,deputy director also told me the company answered the Luoyang City Planning on the subsequent development of robotics projects and shows that the robot project will be focused on supporting the development of Luoyang City project.  In the machine bearing company,Wang Jing Xia,general manager,deputy general manager Li Yanfeng also accompanied the delegation visited the company's production plants,and reported the company's R&D,production and sales.Period,Li Yanfeng,deputy general manager also introduced to the delegation of the European company dedicated bearing gearbox companies and medical device R&D production of high precision and high reliability.Mission of my company's R&D capacity to give praise.

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  • We honoured our advanced workers who got a reward certificate and a prize given from Mr Wang and Mr Gu.

    We honoured our advanced workers who got a reward certificate and a prize given from Mr Wang and Mr Gu.

      LZK started Staff Training In 2013 on 15th,April.The general manager Mr.Wang attended the mobilization meeting,and the whole staff took part in it.  Mr.Wang considered that Staff Training And Corporate Cultural Development is very important for an excellent enterprise.  The employment department arranged the training content according to the character of the staff which would help them to improve themselves.

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  • The machine bearings the company made a number of national patent

      National utility model patent  A coal mine coal conveyor in sealed cylindrical roller bearings  2 sliding door roller bearings  3 turntable with three rows of cylindrical roller bearings the whole cage  4 light-load series with solid cage type double row spherical roller bearings  5 of a kind of angular contact ball bearings with metal solid cage  6,a kind of planetary gear bearing  7 large-aligning roller bearing outer raceway position detection device  8 large/extra large cylindrical roller bearing cage  9,filled a two-out roller bearings angular contact ball  10 large solid cage Spherical Roller Bearings  11 a kind of enhanced solid cage thrust spherical roller bearings  12 large hollow roller bearings  13 small and medium sized bearing seam with cover mold  Aligning ring 14 with a double row cylindrical roller bearings  15 small and medium sized bearing inner ring locking mold  National Invention Patent  A light load series with solid cage-type double row Spherical Roller Bearings  2 a kind of angular contact ball bearings with metal solid cage  3 large/extra large cylindrical roller bearing cage  4 a kind of enhanced solid cage thrust spherical roller bearings  5 Heart ring with double row cylindrical roller bearings

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  • Machine bearings company tech products in emerging

      Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.of machine set up for almost two years,the total developed all kinds of bearings more than 200 kinds of new products,most of them high-precision,high-tech,high added value products,the number of export products accounted for 80%of all products so,gradually formed in the following product type characteristics of the main products:  1,precision CNC machine tool bearings  Developed a grinding machine rotary table type three rows of YRT bearings Cylindrical roller:YRT325,YRT395,YRT580,the product of the technical indicators have reached the INA's standards.Development of a ball screw with a two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings ZKLF30100-2RS,bi-directional thrust and radial cylindrical roller bearings ZARF75185LTN so,through a strict quality inspection of foreign clients.  2,CC-type self-aligning roller bearings  Developed nearly 20 species of large,extra large cage CC,stamping spherical roller bearings,widely used in mining metallurgy,cement equipment,paper machinery,and more products for export and import substitution.Has developed the largest CC,-aligning roller bearings 240/630 ECK30J/W33.  3,large thin wall deep groove ball bearings  Large thin-wall deep groove ball bearings now become a mass production of 618,619 Series,and all for the export product.The main products are:61888MA,618/560MA,618/1000MA so.  4,metallurgical rolling mill bearings  FC,FCD,FCDP type four-row cylindrical roller bearings has become the series developed,according to SKF's quality standards,dimensional accuracy P6,rotation accuracy P5 level.Two Sendzimir mill bearings are in full swing developed.  5,with a spring lock ring of the full complement cylindrical roller bearings  NCF-type,NNCL type full complement cylindrical roller bearings have achieved many bulk orders,NCF18/1000V for the largest developed country with a spring lock ring filled cylindrical roller bearings.Such products have been identified as high-tech products in Henan Province.  6,wheel bearings  In 2007 the company built a turntable bearing production line,processing the size range 200mm——2500mm,has a well-known foreign company has developed a wide range of engineering machinery roller bearings,as a foreign company developed a three-row cylindrical roller bearings and double combination of four wheel contact ball bearing turntable.  Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., the machine continue to develop high-tech products,product technology content,quality has been consistently maintained a leading position."Demonstrate scientific and technological strength,build quality bearings,"in the machine bearing the company will continue to progress,with strong technological advantages,developed and more high-tech products,improve product quality,bearing industry of our country's technological progress play an active role in promoting.

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