Company Introduction

Company Introduction

A manufacturer that integrates research and development, manufacture, sales, and technical services

Company Introduction

China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. is located at No.5 Duyu Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Its predecessor was China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd., which was established in January 2006. It was originally the holding subsidiary of SINOMACH TDI INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. (Formerly the Tenth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry). In September 2010, the Hanking Group invested in the acquisition of China Machinery Luoyang Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd. In August 2015, the company carried out the shareholding reform and renamed as China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.

Main business

The company's main business is the design, research & development, manufacture of bearings with high precision, high speed, high performance and special industries applications(CT equipment, robots, medical equipment, high precision machine tool, engineering machinery, textile machinery, etc.). Large, precise, thin-walled bearings are the company's advantage and main direction. The main products include bearings for CT equipment (CT for medical, CT for security inspection, CT for industrial inspection ), industrial robots and intelligent bearings, medical machinery bearings, bearings for semiconductor industry, gearbox bearings for major equipment, special bearings for precise machine tools and radar measurement and control systems, and remanufacturing of special bearings. 80%of the products are matched to European hosts.

The company's products cover a wide range of fields, with 9 categories of products types. Rolling bearings ranges from inner diameter of 25 mm to outer diameter of 3200 mm. Especially for the precise and thin-walled products with inner diameters ranging from 80mm to 1200mm, the company has unique processing concepts and methods. The company is equipped with High-precision grinding equipments, Ultra-precision equipments and Testing equipments(such as Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, Roundness measuring instrument, Surface roughness profiler, Image measuring instrument, length measuring machine,etc.). The product Tolerance classes can reach to P2 level.

R&D strength

The company is recognized by the Luoyang Municipal Government as the"Luoyang Large Precision Thin-wall Bearing Engineering and Technology Research Center", "Luoyang Bearing Industry Development Platform Pilot Test Base and Bearing Testing Center"; It is also the vice-chairman unit of the"Luoyang Bearing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance", "Luoyang Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" and "Luoyang Bearing Industry Association". The company has two registered trademarks, "LZK"and"中机轴承".

The company attaches great importance to independent innovation, and attaches great importance to the scientific research and development of new bearing products. Since its establishment, it has maintained the title of National "High-Tech Enterprise". LZK has nearly 100 national patents until now, among of them, dozens of invention patents.

Since its establishment, the company has developed more than 600 new products. It has independently applied for and completed two SME innovation fund projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, participated in the completion of one national "863" plan and three major science and technology projects in Henan Province, independently completed 4 scientific and technological research projects in Henan Province, 7 scientific and technological research projects in Luoyang City, and 3 innovation fund projects in Luoyang High-tech Zone. Among all of these projects, the project of"High-precision and High-reliability bearings for gear boxes of major equipment" of the Ministry of Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises Venture Fund, was recognized as a scientific and technological achievement in Henan Province in 2015, and won the second class prize of Luoyang Science and Technology Progress Award.

R&D strength

Independent innovation and scientific research and development

Non standard customization

Provide solutions, design selection, and application guidance

Wide application

LZK covers a wide range of application

Full range

Cover 7 main bearing categories