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LZK was approved as "Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovation“ Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Time:2024-04-29 Click:59

  Congratulations!LZK was approved as the first batch of municipal-level"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2022.

  Recently,Luoyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in Henan Province announced the list of the first batch of"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Luoyang in 2022.China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)was recognized as a municipal"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2022.

  Affected by the complex and volatile international environment and repeated epidemics,the global economic downturn,weak consumption,and continued price hikes of bulk commodities have caused many companies around the world to face great uncertainty due to the supply chain crisis.China is no exception.However,there are still some enterprises,although they are small in scale,they focus on the main business,keep improving,strengthen innovation,then achieve apparent growth against the shrinking orders and hindered development environment.They are"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.In this time of full of changes,they have shown their surging vitality and are entering the"fast lane"of development.

  China Machinery Luoyang Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.(LZK)was founded in January 2006.The company's main business is design,research and development,manufacturing of high-precision,high-speed,high-performance and special industries(Medical equipment,Robots,Chips,Textile machinery,etc.)applied bearings.Large,Precision,Thin-walled bearings are LZK's advantage and main product direction.The main products are related to Industrial Robots and Intelligent Bearings,Medical Equipment Bearings,Gearbox Bearings for Major Equipment,Special bearings for Precision Machine Tools and Radar Measurement and Control systems,and remanufacturing of Special Bearings.80%of the products are matched to European hosts.LZK focuses on market segments,masters core technologies,strengthens technological innovation,improves quality and efficiency,and conducts research and business in-depth on industry pain points,thereby becoming a member of"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

  Scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force to lead the high-quality development of enterprises.Luoyang government always takes innovation-driven development strategy as the core of economic and social development,supports in policies,gives strong support in terms of funds and talents,and encourages and guides Small and Medium Enterprises to optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure according to"Specialized,Refined,Differential and Innovation“,help stable development of China's economy.