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New added Vertical Grinding Machine in LZK

Time:2024-04-29 Click:68

Recently, with the last Vertical Grinding Machine stationed in the production workshop, the new equipment for the technological transformation of LZK in 2021 has all been in place.

In order to respond to the ever-changing market demand, further expand production capacity, solve the bottleneck problem in the process of production and inspection,  improve product quality, LZK invested nearly 10 million Yuan in 2021 to upgrade and expand  production equipment, testing instruments and assembly area. Newly purchase equipment includes Double-end Grinding Machine, Bearing Cylindrical Grinding Processing Equipment, Gantry Drilling and Milling Machining Center, Bearing Ring Superfinishing Machines, Vertical Grinding Machine, etc. Currently, all of these equipment have already been in place, and most of them have been put into production. LZK can realize monthly output of bearings  20,000 sets, and the processing range is 20mm-3000mm in inner diameter.

The processing range of this Vertical Grinding Machine is 280mm-1000mm in inner diameter and 1400mm in outer diameter. It can be used for grinding for inner and outer diameters, inner and outer raceways, end faces and ribs of Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings; for the inner and outer diameters, inner and outer raceways, and end faces of Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings; for the raceway of the Flat Thrust Ball Bearing and Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings. The processing accuracy of the product can reach to P2 level.


At present, this Grinding Machine  is undergoing the final debugging work. With the use of Grinding Machine, it will greatly improve the production capacity and efficiency, and better meet the higher requirements of customers for product accuracy. In the future, LZK will also respond to market changes actively and  customer needs quickly, continue to upgrade and transform equipment, to achieve win-win results with customers, and also make its own contribution to the development of the bearing industry.