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Bearing in machine production and management technology services technology innovation new heights

Author: Published:2014-01-02 Views:2277
  2013 economic growth at home and abroad downstream environment, the machine Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., play to their strengths, proactive, hard work, innovation in science and technology, production management and other aspects bucked the trend and continue to maintain a good momentum of development.

  In 2013, the company continued to intensify scientific and technological innovation, the robot bearings, development and manufacture of medical devices bearing, lightweight precision bearings, bearing remanufacturing and other products, has made a series of proprietary technology and intellectual property, complete three scientific and technological innovation projects, new access to 10 national patents (including the national invention patents 4).

  Over the past year, the company actively develop special bearings market, make great efforts to improve product quality, reduce product manufacturing costs. LZK boutique bearing the high cost and good service, has won recognition and respect. The company's main production and operation targets to achieve a 30% growth in per capita taxes in particular, indicators of industry-leading level, a new high.

  Companies continue to play the advantages of technology research and development, provide technical services and technical support for domestic and foreign enterprises bearing all cooperation projects have achieved good results, to achieve a win-win cooperation.

  Currently, the company has held annual meeting, summarizing work, has issued a 2014 work plan and objectives and tasks. The machine bearings has R & D, manufacturing, the next peak climbing services.

  Consulting service

  Bearing design and application consulting and services: the technical achievements of our knowledge and experience in bearing design and application of new materials, new technology has made offers from bearings used in the selection, design until the bearing is installed as a user and bearing bearing factories, application, maintenance, repair and remanufacturing solutions to optimize the whole process.

   bearing technology consulting and design services: optimizing process equipment bearing factory configured to a reasonable allocation of process equipment, process layout sciences, fast-paced production; provide advanced technology and processing methods, and scientific quality control plan for the bearing manufacturer. Whether it is building a new plant bearing, or the technological transformation of the old factory, can provide a comprehensive set of technical solutions.

   efficient and practical training in bearing technology: product design training; bearing applications knowledge training; skills training; process design training; tested technical training.

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